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Established by Liliya Rogova-Tippetts in 2008, ArteLia specialises in contemporary painters from Eastern Europe with a main focus on Ukraine. As an art dealer ArteLia presents works by established outstanding contemporary artists already collected by museums alongside new emerging talents.

Culture is King and ArteLia is premiering a group of new Eastern European artists committed to explore their new role within society dealing with post-soviet issues, defining their identity and expressing a sense of both liberation and exploration of what is their cultural idenitity today.

One of important art movements presented by ArteLia is Non-conformism which refers to art produced in the former Soviet Union from 1953-1986 outside of the rubric of Socialist Realism. This phenomenon was also called “underground art” or “unofficial art”. Today non-conformist artists Ernest Kotkov and Vasiliy Sad present their contemporary vision of art that survived through Soviet times.

ArteLia has also created a network of versatile connections with Artists from various regions of Ukraine; each from a different art school. If you are an art aficionado or art collector who is developing a serious and coherent collection of contemporary art, ArteLia will assist you in accessing a wide range of Ukrainian contemporary Artists beyond the choice presented on our website.

Situated in central London ArteLia is working by appointments with clients andthrough recognised international art fairs and exhibitions.

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