Ernest Kotkov

I take my eyes in my hands…

E. Kotkov

Ernest Kotkov graduated from Kyiv State Art University in 1955. He became a new Alexander Archipenko in Ukrainian culture on a new spiral of art history. He is a talented versatile artist in oil paintings, graphics, sculptures, monumental mosaics, and posters. In the 60s Kotkov was named by the communist party an "abstractionist, avandardist, non-conformist" thus he was excluded from many national art exhibitions regulated by the Soviet Party. Kotkov never painted socialist realism art. Instead he became a monumental Artist whose monumental sculptures became landmarks across Ukraine, while his paintings became a true reflection of his inner soul, family values and beliefs. Kotkov eventually gained his recognition and success in late 80s which led him to exhibitions across Soviet Union and internationally. His works are collected by museums and privately in Ukraine, France, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Israel and now in the UK. Today Ernest Kotkov's works are in abstract surreal combination of colours-textures-lines – a style that cost him tremendous courage, patience and concentration during Soviet times. He is an icon for many young artists. Ernest Kotkov is an outstanding master of composition, with Cubism and Suprematism becoming schools of style which he mastered in his own unique way. His canvases are dominated by monumental, broad, courageous strokes translated into a game of lines and colours. His works are an internal reality. He observes them from the bottom of his consciousness. He contemplates and questions them; he is both a master and a stranger to his own works. His works were and are deprived from social and historical references. For Kotkov  "Art is the only language of communication for people on this planet".

2009 Russian Art Fair, Carlton Tower Hotel, London
2007 Solo exhibition, Gallery 36, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2006 Solo exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2005 Solo exhibition, National Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2004 Solo exhibition, Soviart gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2000 Art of Ukraine XX century, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1998 Solo exhibition, Germany;
1994 Solo exhibition, Luxemburg;
1992 Solo exhibition, Holland; 1987 Solo exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria;
1987 Exhibition of monumental works, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1973 Group exhibition of monumental works in Poland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Czechia;
1969, 1970 Soviet Union exhibition of monumental works, Moscow, Russia;
1969 Solo exhibition in Baltic counties;
1967 Soviet Posters exhibition, Mongolia;
1961 Posters exhibition, Venice;
1961 Books and book graphics exhibition, Moscow, Russia;
1961 “World through the eyes of young Artists”, Moscow, Russia;
1960 Posters and graphics exhibition, Moscow, Russia;
1959 Ukrainian posters, graphics exhibition, Romania;
1959 Book, graphics, posters exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1957 Jubilee exhibition of Ukrainian Artists;
1957 First exhibition of USSR Artists;
1954-1958 Annual exhibitions of Ukrainian posters

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