Gregory Volkov

Grigory Volkov (b. 1959, Ukraine)

Grigory Volkov was born on July, 31, 1959 in Poltava region. He graduated from Kharkov State College of Arts and then Kharkov State University. Volkov is artist-academician who over 30 years has been teaching art and currently involved in UK-initiated project “Art for Orphans”.

The artist started as a painter of still lives, portraits, landscapes. His still lives are of ordinary objects of muted toned-down contrasts. The objects stand in a row making musical accords and pauses. Volkov pays great attention to the material, its viscosity, expressiveness of its texture.

In his works in 80ss he starts to accentuate the hardships of Artist life in Soviet times, also focusing on working class and everyday life of hard-working nation. Later in 90ss he moves to abstraction and almost abandons professional artistic career in a decade to become a full time academician.

Works are in collections in some Swiss banks, and private collections in Germany and Belgium.
Lives and works in Poltava, Ukraine.

Artist about his works:
“To live a life is not to cross the field” (taken from Ukrainian proverb)

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