Exhibition of Vasily Sad and Eduard Belsky works

ArteLia Gallery increased its exposure by presenting an exhibition of works by Vasily Sad and Eduard Belsky at the Vista Palace Hôtel Côte d’Azur, France.
The exhibition was a great success, being initially opened in June 2013 and still ongoing, attracting many locals and visitors of Monaco.

The exhibition was opened with Vasily Sad’s oeuvre, concentrating on his metal works. Due to their unique and individualistic nature, these paintings have already been established on the international art scene and are well known among the art connoisseurs all over the world. Therefore, there was no surprise that the exhibition became one of the most sought after events in the South of France. Furthermore, it coincided with the Historic Grand Prix Monaco Monte-Carlo and Monaco Grand Prix, which drew both car and art lovers. Vista Palace Hôtel Côte d’Azur is exclusively showing works by ArteLia Gallery which only enhances the reputation of the gallery; not just in England but also abroad.

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