Vasily Sad exhibition at The Gallery, Mayfair.

ArteLia presents at the exclusive Mayfair venue, The Gallery, a solo exhibition of

15-28 February 2012

Please visit the Exhibition between 15-28 February 2012
The Gallery, 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 2TF

10 am to 5.30pm pm Monday to Friday | 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday

Thursday night late viewing 23 February 2012 | 5.30 – 7.30 pm

ArteLia gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by the Ukrainian artist Vasily Sad. The exhibition “Beauty in the Ordinary” consists of group of paintings, most of which are artist’s signature metal works. The selected retrospective aims to capture the beauty of the ordinary things that surround us every day. The exhibition offers a close look at the world of Vasily Sad revealing his preoccupations with the forms, plasticity, colour and textures of the materials he uses to create an artwork.

Finding beauty in the ordinary is not just about discovering the hidden essence but rather about the artist’s skills to extract the intensity of an object, be it a scrap of metal found on the street or a handmade carpet or canvas. In doing so, Sad creates the breathtaking artworks, which draw our attention to the beauty that usually remains unnoticed in the rush of our everyday routine.

Sad once mentioned that ‘The beauty is in simplicity’ and his abstract artworks magnificently capture the simple Beauty in the Ordinary. Sad relentlessly believes that it is only with abstraction one can ‘get through to the secrets of human existence and nature’ and he aims for his works to be simple, organic and spontaneous.

The body of the artist’s oeuvre is a broad one, dealing with the subjects of memory, emotional expression and aesthetic beauty. Sad transfers the metaphysics of his meditations through the media of the modern world, juggling bright colours and delicate brush strokes with the weight of wood, carton, canvas and metal to reflect the dualism of the human spirit – all that is beautiful, light and tender in the human experience is inextricably linked to all that is dark, destructive and violent. He has found the ideal medium to convey these intense emotions in the shape of torn and punctured metal where his works radiate beauty of the ordinary life.

“Roses – Breaking Free” juxtaposes the abstract image of red rose buds with its jagged, thorn-like metal punctures. The piece exudes energy as the buried red layer bursts almost violently from its metal-walled entrapment. The thorn like holes is perfectly embodied by the jagged texture of the metal. Sad’s Roses deeply express the necessary relationship between the flower’s painful thorns and the realisation and appreciation of its true beauty. This piece acts as a reminder of the reality of the two sides of our existence, the beautiful and, the sometimes ugly.

VASILY SAD is a key exponent of Ukrainian abstract art. Sad graduated from Odessa Grekov College of Arts in 1977 and joined the Odessa school of non-conformism which was active during the so-called Avant-Garde of the ‘second wave’ in the 1960s-1980s.
Works by Vasily Sad are in collections of the National Art Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine); the Museum of Modern Art (Kyiv, Ukraine); the Khmelnitsky Museum of Modern Ukrainian art, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Odessa, Ukraine), the Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western Art and reputably collected in America, Canada, the UK, Italy, Monaco, UAE, Russia and Ukraine. Important international exhibitions include Phillips de Pury Contemporary Auction and MacDougall’s Auction (London), Zurich International Contemporary Art Fair (Switzerland), Edinburgh Art Fair (Scotland) and Indian Art Summit (Delhi).

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