Zurich Art fair


The 13th ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich presents also in 2011 contemporary art in the exclusive location of the Kongresshaus Zurich. This annual Art Show creates an interdisciplinary exhibition space and an interactive meeting place for artists, gallerists, collectors and an art interested public.

ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich offers a large view about contemporary art as well as a large space for personal conversation. In this particular atmosphere of the Kongresshaus Zurich, the annual Art Fair finds an exclusive platform for a public effective presentation of contemporary art.
On the ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich, modern and young art is refreshing and relaxed exhibited, new discoveries included!

12th International Art Fair Zurich 14-16 October 2010

ArteLia gallery at ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich 2010

Kongresshaus Zurich, Switzerland



The 12th International Art Fair proposes in 2010 a selection of international and contemporary art, in an exclusive location. 

ART INTERNATIONAL Zurich is a forum which opens to a large public the actual art scene. ART INTERNATIONAL developed in the last years to a meeting point between artists, galerists and art-lovers, offering an essential space for contacts, sales and cultural exchange. 

The annual Art Fair created in the Kongresshaus (Congressional Center) of Zurich an exclusive platform to diffuse modern and young art. In a limited area, ART INTERNATIONAL offers each year a relaxed relation with modern and young art, also away

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