Mamay – 2009: inhabitants of Odessa represent art by Vasiliy (Vasyl) Sad

24.7.2009 | Culture

Photo by Oleg Vladimirsky

The Gallery of Contemporary Art «NT-Art» (Lidersovsky Boulevard, 5) within the project “Mamay-2009″ opened exhibition of Vasiliy Sad paintings, reports TIA “Vіkna-Odessa.

Gallery owned by renowned art collector Anatoliy Dymchuk started series of exhibitions of non-conformists artist who belong to “Mamay” group. The non-conformism movement dates back to 60ss of XX century which triggered the formation of underground young artists called Non-conformists (namely (Alexander Anufriyev, Valery Basanets, Vladimir Marinyuk, Vladimir Strelnikov, Lyudmila Jastreb).

They were connected not only by friendship but also by the common spiritual aspirations – to create art free from any external influences. So for the first time in Ukraine “nonconformist” art tradition shaped up that differed radically from the prevailing at that time socialist realism. In 70ss the “second wave” of artists joined the group – Igor Bojko, Alexander Stovbur, Vladimir Tsyupko. Illegal apartment exhibitions in Odessa and Moscow were first taken to the West to be exhibited to a wide audience in in Munich, London, New York.

Vasyl Sad was younger than founders of non-conformist movement in Odessa. He was born in Rovno region in 1948. In 1977 graduated from Odessa Art College after Grekov. He joined “Mamay” group in early 80ss together with Sergei Savchenko and Nikolai Stepanov.

The name “Mamay” was chosen after the name of Ukrainian folkloric hero Cossack Mamay as a symbol of national personification of Ukraine and Ukrainians, thus connecting deeply into the root os Ukrainian culture.

Largely due existence of “Mamay” and their breakthroughs in abstract art Odessa developed a powerful internationally known traditions of non-figurative art.

- Today Vasyl Sad works are fine abstract paintings, filled with light, translucency as if broidered with a brush on canvas, perhaps the most aesthetic and contemplative works of all other artist from non-conformist group – said Vice President of International Arts Club in Odessa Eugene Golubovsky. – On one side the Artist is impowered by Ukrainian folklore and traditions of abstract expressionism originated from America, on the other side Sad is referring to the Russian master paintings by Kazimir Malevich.

The artist has repeatedly shown his work at international exhibitions. His paintings are in many collections – both in Ukraine and abroad. His current solo is extremely rare and presents unique opportunity for a new generation of art lovers to get closer to the renowned artist.


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