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Vasily Sad: Beauty in the Ordinary
About author: Elena Petrova – Deputy Editor “New Style” magazine.

Vasily Sad exibition at The Gallery, Mount Street, London
Until 28 February the beautiful classical room of The Gallery on Mount street houses works of renowned Ukranian artist Vasily Sad ( pronounced as “saahd” and meaning “the garden”). This is the first solo show in Mayfair for the artist who is well-known back home for his simple yet visually compelling work.
The exhibit is rightfully titled “Beauty in the Ordinary”as the presented body of work consists mostly of simple punched metal sheets. Sad’s signature metal work looks especially intense in the luxurious setting of the gallery.

Sad once mentioned that ‘The beauty is in simplicity’ and his abstract artworks magnificently capture the simple Beauty in the Ordinary. Sad relentlessly believes that it is only with abstraction one can ‘get through to the secrets of human existence and nature’ and he aims for his works to be simple, organic and spontaneous.
VASILY SAD is a key exponent of Ukrainian abstract art. Sad graduated from Odessa Grekov College of Arts in 1977 and joined the Odessa school of non-conformism which was active during the so-called Avant-Garde of the ‘second wave’ in the 1960s-1980s. Works by Vasily Sad are in collections in America, Canada, the UK, Italy, Russia and Ukraine. The numerous exhibitions include Phillips de Pury Contemporary Auction and MacDougall’s Auction (London), Zurich International Contemporary Art Fair (Switzerland) and Edinburgh Art Fair (Scotland).

In the UK Sad is represented by Artelia Gallery. Its director, Liliya Rogova- Tippetts, first saw Sad’s works at the exhibition in Ukraine and in her own words “got struck with the energy, that seemed to radiate through the layers of paint or holes in metal, as if it was the artist’s soul bursting out from the depth of the work”.
According to experts, Sad’s work has a good commercial potential, too: his paintings have roots in both abstract expressionist tradition and conceptual art, and have a potential to appeal to a wide audience, no matter how familiar they are with the issues from Soviet and Ukrainian history (for example, Aftermath series is a dedication to Chernobyl tragedy).

The Gallery’s director Irina Zonabend was conquered by the artist’s originality and powerful emotional edge, especially in the works related to the history of his country. She finds a certain intrigue ” in the fact that you don’t know how the work is technically made, which tools were used to punch-hole the metal and what determined Artist’s choice in using them”.
Vasily Sad: Beauty in the Ordinary
Until 28 February at  the Gallery:
10 am to 5.30pm pm Monday to Friday | 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday
99 Mount Street
Mayfair London

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